A history of the military politics and society of the mongol empire

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Kublai Khan

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The 5 Most Powerful Empires in History

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History of the Song dynasty

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Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire Of Chinggis Khan Mongols epitomized nomadic society and culture. Their survival depended on the. political history by destroying existing polities and even -as in the case of.

Assyria and Harappa -whole civilizations. They have also generated major. Mongol Society. The Mongol Empire was one of the largest empires and it achieved its greatness while it was lead by a man named Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan--originally named Temujin--united the Mongol empire and ruled over it successfully. The Persian Empire existed at a unique time in history, when most of the oikumene, or civilized, settled, populated world was concentrated in or near the Middle East.

As a result, the Persian Empire, which dominated most of the Middle East, ruled over a greater percentage of the world’s population than any other empire in history.

Without Temujin, the man who became Genghis Khan, the Mongol Empire would not have occurred. Genghis Khan was a strong, charismatic, disciplined military genius who gathered all the Mongol and Turkic tribes of Mongolia under his command through political alliances and conquest.

The amazing military achievements of the Mongols under Genghis Khan and his successors were largely due to their armies of mounted archers, who possessed great speed and mobility.

After Genghis Khan’s death the Mongol empire passed to his four sons, with overall leadership going to Ögödei.

A history of the military politics and society of the mongol empire
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