A personal opinion on the relevance of the environment in personality development behaviorism and so

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Behaviourist Theories of Personality

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The Importance of the Social Environment in Personality Development

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Personality psychology

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Behaviorist Approach

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Jan 06,  · Thus, personality development is a complex process but there are many potential environmental influences that help to shape it (Moore, ). Behaviorism is a theory of personality that sees everything in terms of conditioning.

The Importance of the Social Environment in Personality Development Submitted by sheldonkreger on Tue, 01/24/ - Developmental psychologists such as Kazmierz Dabrowski and Erich Fromm emphasize the role of the social environment in personality development.

comparing personality theories; what is more important to personality development: genetic and biological factors or environmental influences.

Freudian theory depends heavily on heredity; humanistic, social-learning, cognitive, and self theories all emphasize either environment as a determinant of behavior or interaction with the environment as a source of personality development and differences.

Selection by consequences operates on the behavior of the individual with the environment serving as the selecting "agent" with the person as the vehicle, so to speak, of behavior interacting with.

According to his theory, personality and behaviorism are not connected by our physiological instincts and drives. The main viewpoint in the social learning theory of Rotter is that personality is a representation of the contact between the person and his environment. Therefore, his theory posits that we must consider both the individual and his environment before having a full understanding of his behavior.

In doing so we are going to see how personality is defined. Then we will examine the different types of personalities and how they can be determined. Next, we will see how genetics and heredity can play a role in shaping personalities along with environment.

A personal opinion on the relevance of the environment in personality development behaviorism and so
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Behaviourist Theories of Personality - Skinner and Rotter