A reading of elaine hatfields equity theory and research an overview

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Elaine Hatfield

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Were of relationship trial. Elaine Hatfield's 97 research works with 4, citations and 15, reads, including: Capacity for Empathy and Emotional Contagion in Those With Psychopathic Personalities.

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Elaine Hatfield has expertise in Social Science and Engineering. Hatfield's equity theory.

Readings in Contemporary Sociological Theory: From Modernity to Post-Modernity

We try to maximize our own outcomes relative to others' Compare your rewards/costs with those of the other person in the relationship (are we both receiving equal rewards and paying equal costs?) equal, costs. Describes a general theory of social behavior-equity theory-consisting of 4 propositions designed to predict when individuals will perceive that they are justly treated and how they will react when they find themselves enmeshed in unjust relationships.

Research conducted to test equity theory is summarized. TV.

A reading of elaine hatfields equity theory and research an overview

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reviews and the real definition of love industry blogs. Understanding the concept of fairness is essential to understanding equity theory. Elaine Hatfield (Walster) and her colleagues (Walster, Walster, and Berscheid ) argue that fairness rules are culturally bound, indicating that generally one of three rules of.

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Equity - Overview Of Equity Theory A reading of elaine hatfields equity theory and research an overview
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Elaine C. Hatfield