An analysis of the work of the broadcasters and the way they serve the public interest

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The Public Interest Standard in Television Broadcasting

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As Broadcasters “Threaten” to Shut Down, They’re Not Getting the Reaction They Were Looking For

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Are Broadcasters Meeting Your Needs?

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To promote education and literacy. To stimulate creativity. To provide diverse content serving all the communities within the UK. To represent minority interests. To promote multiculturalism.

International News

To give substance to the public interest standard, Congress has from time to time enacted its own requirements for what constitutes the public interest in broadcasting. But Congress also gave the FCC broad discretion to formulate and revise the meaning of broadcasters' public interest obligations as circumstances changed.

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Chapter Two: Public Broadcasting's Rise, and the Beginning of its Decline.

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For much of the 20th century, public broadcasters did exactly what they were designed to do: They provided a broad range of programming that was both high quality and popular.

An analysis of the work of the broadcasters and the way they serve the public interest
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