An overview of the independence constitution of malta of 1964 and the introduction to the parliament

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Constitution of Malta

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History of Malta

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Politics of Malta

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History of Malta

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Following the passage of the Malta Independence Act by the British Parliament and the approval of a new Maltese constitution by % of voters in a referendum, the State of Malta (Maltese: Stat ta’ Malta) was formed on 21 September as an independent constitutional monarchy, with Elizabeth II as Queen of Malta and Head of State.

Politics of Malta The politics of Malta takes place within a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Malta is the constitutional head of state.

Executive Authority is vested in the President of Malta with the general direction and control of the Government of Malta remaining with the Prime Minister of Malta who is the head of government and the cabinet. The Independence Constitution, which came into being 50 years ago, has served Malta well notwithstanding some deficiencies.

It is difficult to make a case for the complete rewriting of all, or. The British Parliament passed the Malta Independence Act ingiving Malta independence from the United Kingdom as the State of Malta, with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and queen.

The country became a republic in Calling code: + CONSTITUTION OF MALTA 1 CONSTITUTION OF MALTA ARRANGEMENT OF ARTICLES CONSTITUTION OF MALTA The Malta Independence Order,as amended by Acts: XLI ofXXXVII ofIX ofXXVI ofXLVII ofLVII, LVIII of waters as Parliament may from time to time by law determine.

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An overview of the independence constitution of malta of 1964 and the introduction to the parliament
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