Content-based reading and writing for critical thinking skills in an efl context

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Content Based ESL Curriculum and Academic Language Proficiency

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Critical thinking skills and content area knowledge mastery were also found.

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The questionnaire results show positive responses toward the content-based EFL. May 22,  · It is necessary to evaluate the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills of ESL/EFL students to measure progress. In this hub I suggest ways to evaluate reading, writing, and thinking turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.coms: 2.

/ English Teaching & Learning (Summer ): Content-Based Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Skills in an EFL Context Meei-Ling Liaw. Instructional Strategies for Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classrooms.

Instructional Strategies for Deve loping Critical Thinking in EFL. critical reading skills) significantly. Content-based reading and writing for critical thinking skills in an EFL context. English Teaching & Learning, 31(2), Lipman, M. () Thinking in education.

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The purpose of the present article is then two-fold. First, it is intended to compare and contrast two courses to examine whether the differences in purpose are reflected in actual teaching practices.

Content-based reading and writing for critical thinking skills in an efl context
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Brown - Content Based ESL Curriculum and Academic Language Proficiency (TESL/TEFL)