Napster inc and the issue of piracy

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Protecting Speech or Copyright: A Question of Balance

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Napster to face trial on music piracy claims

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A&M Records, Inc., v. Napster, Inc.

Judge issues injunction against Napster

F.3d (9th Cir. ) Background: The issue in this case is whether a preliminary injunction against Napster’s peer-to-peer file sharing service (which required takedowns upon some notice of infringing content) should be upheld. As we previously reported, Metallica sued Napster Inc., on April 13 (see "Metallica Sets Legal Sights On Napster"), alleging that the company facilitates online music piracy by allowing Napster.

Jan 02,  · Napster to face trial on music piracy claims. saying their own work had been pirated by Napster users. At issue is whether the Napster software, which provides a directory to the songs on its.

Sep 22,  · They said that the law was designed to deal with CD players, digital recorders and other emerging technology of the time -- not with Internet.

Judge issues injunction against Napster

A second case in the fight against internet piracy is A&M Records, Inc. v. Napster. This Ninth Circuit case featured Napster, a company that offered a freely downloadable program that allowed users to share music files on their hard drives with other users and download music files from other users via search tools that come with the.

exclusive right to distribution); A&M Records, Inc.

Napster inc and the issue of piracy

v. Napster, Inc., F.3d(9th Cir. ) (finding that Plaintiff demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits of its vicarious infringement claim against Napster for the multitudes.

Napster inc and the issue of piracy
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