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This past semester at MIT I took a really wonderful class called “Feminist Political Thought” which had a very open ended essay assignment. I wrote a history of the word “Bitch,” and several of my classmates requested to read the whole paper so I thought I’d post it here. Introduction This essay concerns e-mails that warn about a fictitious computer virus.

This essay is a companion to my separate essay on computer crime and my essay on malicious computer programs. Normally, I would not be interested in hoaxes, but several widespread e-mail hoaxes in the years and advised the recipient to delete a file (e.g., or from their.

Jan 04,  · Reading books is an important part of coming to know who we are.

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Ereading Worksheets provides teachers, parents, and motivated students with high-quality reading worksheets, activities, and resources aligned with Common Core State website uses a skill focused approach where each activity targets a specific skill set, but you can also browse the reading worksheets by grade level.

The resources on this website cover a broad range of reading. Students who use emojis in their emails and write “heeeeelp!” in the subject line don't necessarily know better. Paul Corrigan and Cameron Hunt McNabb present a way for professors to help such students.

Posting on reading essay
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