Sing spell read and write alphabet sing

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Lao alphabet

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All > Early Childhood / Readiness > LEARNING MATERIALS > Curriculum (Early Childhood) > Sing, Spell, Read & Write Preschool > This program covers all the basic readiness skills needed to begin a kindergarten program: colors, shapes, matching, opposites, sequencing, visual discrimination, seasons, classification, time, letter shapes, letter.

Sing, Spell, Read & Write uses phonics songs, interactive charts, and games to teach the alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, sound/letter correspondences, short vowel sounds, and blending in a fun and meaningful way.

By the end of kindergarten, students will be reading fully decodable storybooks with single-syllable, short-vowel words. Sing Spell Read and Write is the smartest, most effective way to teach your child how to read.

This workbook is used with the full system. I taught all my kids with this system and am now buying workbooks for my grand kids. Sing-Along Songs That Teach.

Thai alphabet

Using this classroom tested multi-sensory method, even preschool age and special needs children can easily learn to identify numbers, shapes, and spell sight words by listening to music and moving with the motions! Sing, Spell, Read & Write helps you: Put the proven power of multisensory learning to work for your students.

Teach a complete Language Arts curriculum with correlated and sequenced phonics, reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and grammar lessons. Here are some of the songs we sing together for each alphabet letter. If you are helping someone learn to read the words to the songs, point to and say or sing the words while you sit with them so they can hear the tune and learn the pattern of the printed words.

Sing spell read and write alphabet sing
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