Sixteen candles and the 80s essay

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Sixteen Candles

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Sixteen Candles (1984)

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Hughes’s cultural impact is immeasurable, not just on film comedies but his sensitive portrayals of teenagers, and teenage girls especially. '80s Parents: You Can Introduce Your Kids to Sixteen Candles in November Thanks to Netflix! Personal Essay Why I Love My Wife's Postpartum Body Gifts For.

“Auto – mo – beeeel” – Gotta love the Donger. Teen flicks were as popular in the 80s as they are today, perhaps even more so. One such decade-defining film, Sixteen Candles set into motion the careers of Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, and John and Joan Cusack.

These stars would later come to dominate the teen movie scene throughout the decade. Sixteen Candles did not age, there’s the entitlement of the hormone-infused Geek (aka Farmer Ted), played by a pubescent Anthony Michael Hall with a comically oversized head and bulging eyes.

’80s sweetheart-turned-#MeToo advocate Molly Ringwald isn’t happy about ‘Sixteen Candles’ now

It’s apparent that no cult classic ’80s film is safe from actress Molly Ringwald’s high-handed #MeToo despair.

What did she say about the movie? Ringwald, who starred in ’s “Sixteen Candles,” told NPR that she also considered the movie problematic through the scope of the #MeToo lens.

Rightfully so, Ringwald's Sixteen Candles' role has become the poster-girl for the prolific '80s teen comedy genre. Like the movie's top geek would be, we're not mad at that.

Like the movie's top.

Molly Ringwald doesn't condone rape jokes in Sixteen Candles Sixteen candles and the 80s essay
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