The details of the 1998 waterfront dispute and the key players in the conflict

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1998 Waterfront Dispute: Looking back at the waterfront dispute

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The Waterfront Dispute: from High Court to Settlement-Summary and Comment

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1998 Australian waterfront dispute

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Thus the clause was considered too personal, in light of the topic of industrial activity on the university. Introduction. This Current Issues Brief provides an update to the earlier Outline of the Waterfront Dispute(1).That paper reported on events of the waterfront dispute up to the High Court's decision (4 May ), which dismissed appeals against Federal Court orders of Justice North.

You have got to remember that it was a toxic environment on the Australian waterfront in the mid-late 90s. The arrival of the Howard Coalition government in was accompanied by a lot of rhetoric around industrial relations, waterfront productivity and.

The conflict arose from the two main issues of workforce productivity on the wharves and the role of unionism, particularly on the wharves. The dispute involved both industrial and legal action from the trade unions and its members and is referred to as the 'Waterfront Dispute of '.

Key Players. There were four key people representing. On the night of 7 AprilPatrick Stevedores boss Chris Corrigan sacked his entire workforce and started one of the first serious challenges by a corporation to trade union power in Australia.

On the night of 7 AprilPatrick Stevedores boss Chris Corrigan sacked his entire workforce, locked them out and set up new companies to employ a non-unionised workforce, trained in Dubai.

Waterfront employer Patrick tries to lock out union

The Australian waterfront dispute of was an event in Australian industrial relations history, in which the Patrick Corporation undertook a restructuring of their operations for the purpose dismissing their workforce. The restructuring by Patrick Corporation was later ruled illegal by Australian courts.

The details of the 1998 waterfront dispute and the key players in the conflict
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Waterfront employer Patrick tries to lock out union - 80 Days That Changed Our Lives - ABC Archives