The early life marriage and poetry of frenchman victor hugo

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Victor Marie Hugo

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Early socialist thinkers felt that the political revolution in France, the growth of industrialization in Britain and the rise of laissez faire had created a profound spiritual and moral crisis. They felt that modern capitalism led to a selfish individualism that encouraged inequality and.

Frenchman Victor Hugo awarded 19th century LES MISERABLES to the reading public, while a modern composer and a lyricist set his story, chronicling the triumph of the human spirit, within the context of a Broadway musical.

Who knew? One day, Susan would reach far more hearts than either Fantine or Jean Valjean ever won. But of his many other works of prose, poetry, and drama, most modern readers are ignorant -- as they are of the details of Hugo's life.

Victor Hugo

In Victor Hugo, Graham Robb. Throughout this period in Hugo’s life, he wrote some of his most original poetry and prose. Many critics consider his politically charged poems in Les Châtiments () to be some of the most ferocious satirical poems in all of French literature.

Elizabeth Gaskell's biography of her close friend recounts Charlotte Bronte's life from her childhood, through her years as a writer who had 'foreseen the single life' for herself, to her marriage at thirty-eight and death less than a year later.

The early life marriage and poetry of frenchman victor hugo
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