The earth on turtle back and the navajo origin legend

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Native American Mythology

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Loggerhead Carett The Loggerhead Sea Turtle - Introduction Caretta caretta, otherwise known as the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, is an oceanic turtle that exist throughout the globe. Selection Test A (Turtle, Grizzlies, Navajo, Iroquois) Native Americans.

STUDY. PLAY "The Earth On Turtle's Back," "When Grizzlies walked upright," and the Navajo Origin Legend are origin myths. What are origin myths?

Stories that explain how life began In the Navajo Origin Legend. Native American Creation Myth Test. STUDY. The Earth on Turtle's Back" shows the importance the Onondaga placed on.

a. rain. b. dreams.

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c. strength in battle Another title for this excerpt from The Navajo Origin Legend might be. a. It Was the Wind That Gave Them Life. b. When Grizzlies Walked Upright" - Modoc.

Before there were people on earth, the Chief of the Sky Spirits grew tired of his home in the Above World, because the air was always brittle with an icy cold.

The earth on turtle back and the navajo origin legend
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When Grizzlies Walked Upright" - Modoc