The ford motor company and the pinto gas tank a case study in corporate ethics

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Ford Pinto: A Pre Law Case-Study in Product Liability

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Ford Case Study

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The decided award was the largest ever in US probability liability and personal story cases. The report recommended deferring looks in order to accrue cost savings. Ford Pinto Case: The Invisible Corporate Human Pricetag In this essay, I will argue that Ford Motor Company’s business behavior was unethical as demonstrated in the Ford Pinto Case.

Ford did not reveal all the facts to consumers about a harmful gas tank design in the Ford Pinto. They tried to justify their decision to [ ].

InFord Motor Company made plans for a car that would be inexpensive, small, and appeal to all car buyers. The planned project was to meet the / rule, meaning that the Pinto could weigh no more than 2, pounds, and cost no more than $2, Product safety, cost-benefit analysis, and the Ford Pinto case / Douglas Birsch Fatalities associated with crash-induced fuel leakage and fires / E.S.

Grush and C.S. Saunby Ethical responsibilities of engineers in large organizations: the Pinto case / Richard T. De George. Ford neglected to add reinforcements to protect the easily ruptured fuel tank, endangering drivers while earning the Pinto a reputation for catching fire that persists today.

The automaker's. Ford Motor Company, in competition with the foreign market, decided to introduce the Ford Pinto. The Ford Pinto was going to be the new wave for the Ford Company, but it was soon discovered that numerous problems existed.

The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car produced by the Ford Motor Company for the model years – The car's name derives from the Pinto horse. The car's name derives from the Pinto horse.

The ford motor company and the pinto gas tank a case study in corporate ethics
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Case Study Ford Pinto