The future of advertising and agencies

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The future of media agencies

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The Future of Advertising and What It Means for Agencies

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Specialization Was a Mistake: How Agencies Can Restructure for the Future

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The Ad Agency of the Future Is Coming. Are You Ready?

To discuss the future of agencies, the Guardian, supported by enterprise software company Deltek, hosted a seminar discussion with leading figures from the worlds of advertising, media and brands. The Future of Advertising Agencies. Spend an hour in any agency and you’ll likely hear a stressed-out account exec wishing that their clients would stop treating.

Maurice Lévy, the boss of the French Publicis Group, and John Wren, the head of its American competitor Omnicom, toasted the birth of Publicis Omnicom, which will overtake British-based WPP as the world’s largest advertising and marketing agency, with combined revenues of $23 billion and a market value of $35 billion.

The agency of the future will be about using creativity to place tech solutions to solve business challenges, largely, or completely moving away from the current model, and thoroughly redefining. This "agency of the future" is what Omnicom Group says it will bring to McDonald's, following its win last week of a closely watched review it won out over Publicis Groupe.

We went wrong around the year Until that time, advertising and marketing were quite simple.

Just What Is the 'Agency of the Future' and Has Omnicom Built It?

Even with media agencies spun off in the s and the advent of planning in the s, we had a structure that made total sense. We had PR agencies, media agencies, retail agencies and creative agencies.

The future of advertising and agencies
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The Future of Advertising