The merging and acquisitions of the companies alstom and general electric and its effects

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EU Merger Control

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The merging and acquisitions of the companies alstom and general electric and its effects

The issue was highlighted mid-battle by Tom Gill on Counterpunch in May By the turn of the century General Electric was manufacturing everything involved in the electrification of the United States: generators to produce electricity, transmission equipment to carry power, industrial electric motors, electric light bulbs, and electric locomotives.

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Over the course of its plus years of innovation, General Electric has amassed more than 67, patents, and the firm's scientists have been awarded two Nobel Prizes and numerous other honors. General Electric’s proposed $13 billion takeover of Alstom (also called an "alliance") could create a supergroup of smart grid technology, if .

The merging and acquisitions of the companies alstom and general electric and its effects
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