The other and the intersubjective

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Intersubjectivity in anticipation Edit Among the early authors who use in psychology this conception, in explicit or analytical way, we can mentionHeinz KohutStephen StolorowGeorge E.


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At the one extreme are the theories of the German idealists, distinguished by their commitment to supra-personal and non-naturalistic grounds of intersubjective cognition. At the other extreme are naturalistic, sub-personal theories which maintain that our knowledge of others is achieved by way of empirical causal relations between behavioural acts and the causes thereof, and empirically formed (perhaps innate.

Definition of 'intersubjective'

Shadow of the Other is a discussion of how the individual has two sorts of relationships with an "other"--other beings, other individuals.

The first regards the other as an entirely different being from oneself, but one which is still recognizable.4/5(4).


2: accessible to or capable of being established for two or more subjects: objective intersubjective reality of the physical world Other Words from intersubjective intersubjectively adverb.

The various other factors he examines in his luminous existentialist philosophical probing can be viewed in terms of how they contribute to or detract from Presence and Intersubjectivity in human encounters.

The essay argues that a systematic reconstruction of the intersubjective grounds of self-consciousness and self-identity will yield a complex non-reductive notion of agency.

The various other factors he examines in his luminous existentialist philosophical probing can be viewed in terms of how they contribute to or detract from Presence and Intersubjectivity in human encounters.

The other and the intersubjective
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