The portrayal of sexual and racial tension in passing by nella larsen

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Passing - Part 1, Encounter: Chapters 1-2 Summary & Analysis

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Nella Larsen Biography

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Writing as a Woman in the Twentieth Century

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Sexual and Racial Tension in Larsen’s Passing Clare Kendry and Irene Redfield are the two main characters in Nella Larsen’s Passing. We do not learn about.

100 Must-Read Books by Queer Authors

All biographical references indicate that Nella's step-father was a source of racial tension in Nella's childhood home, which resulted in her alienation from him as well as her mother. At 16 Nella went to Denmark for three years to visit her mother's relatives.

While black middle-class members discuss the color problem, racism, passing, and Booker T. Washington and Du Bois and their different strategies of “conciliation” and “an aggressive policy” (49), Harlem nightlife is rampant: jazz clubs, cabarets, prostitution, speakeasies, violence, pimps, and sweet men, gigolos, gamblers, among others, all color the narrative.

Nella Larsen's Passing is, of course, about racial boundaries, but it is also about desire. It has been recognized, belatedly, that the book is about latent lesbian desire and that in. Larsen did this by using the established genre of the passing novel to create a depiction that draws the reader's focus to a point deeper than the act of passing itself, and directs it toward the more difficult underlying questions about race relations and racial identity.


tension (internal) that can be both productive and destructive discrimination, and disenfranchisement. nella larsen.


leading figure of harlem renaissance, american modernist tradition, and feminism mixed race woman in white family harlem renaissance as constitutive of modernism. passing, larsen. renders fluidity and complexity of.

The portrayal of sexual and racial tension in passing by nella larsen
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African American Satire and Harlem Renaissance Literary Politics