The scholastic art and writing awards 2016

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2016 Scholastic Art, Writing contest open to student body

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Each year, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers partners with more than visual arts and literary arts organizations across the country to bring the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

This year, Adroit -affiliated high school students took the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards by storm—and Scholastic took notice! The editors are pleased to announce that an unprecedented total of 68 National Awards were received by Adroit -affiliated studen.

The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center is an independent, non-collecting museum whose mission is to present art and ideas in ways that inspire, educate, and engage audiences of all ages. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards gives thousands of students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their creative achievements by the world at large.

Sharon M. Draper is a professional educator as well as an accomplished writer. She has been honored as the National Teacher of the Year, is a five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Awards, and is a New York Times bestselling author, with Out of my Mind staying on the list for almost two years.

She was selected as Ohio’s Outstanding High School Language Arts Educator, Ohio.

Lena Dunham

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards began as a small writing contest with a $5 prize and six winning applicants in Today, more than 90, teens in grades 7 through 12 from around the nation annually submit more thanworks of art and writing in 28 categories.

The scholastic art and writing awards 2016
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