The similarities and differences between thor

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THORSDAY: The Mythological Versus the Marvel THOR

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Thor and the Life of Christ can be looked in the same way. There are similarities between the two people and there are also many differences. There is a common theme between both Thor and the Life of Christ. Prominence, humility, suffering, and exaltation, in that order, are themes that happen to both Thor and Jesus.

Thor doesn’t sit on a throne telling others what to do. He’s right there in the thick of it all. When you see lightning strike, you know he’s wielding his power. Zeus is the monarch, Thor is the warrior. The differences between them give an interesting insight to their respective cultures.

The Greeks prized civilization and knowledge. Nov 08,  · Thor is a special kind of superhero — and not just because of that hammer.

THORSDAY: The Mythological Versus the Marvel THOR

While most of the mighty crime-fighters in Marvel's stable are creations from the minds of people like Stan Lee, Thor is an adaptation of a character from Norse mythology (adapted for comics by people like Stan Lee). So what are the similarities and differences between Marvel's Thor and his mythological inspiration?

Superhero One of the most obvious aspects of Marvel's Thor is that he's a superhero, fighting. Many differences exist. Thor is a Norse and Marvel character and Hercules is a Greek character. Hercules is simply very strong and half human while Thor is fully Asgardian and stronger with a huge boost when he wields his mighty hammer.

Hercules has no special weapon in most Greek tales.

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Here are eight major ways Thor and his world differ between the comics and the myths.

The similarities and differences between thor
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The Interaction between Norse Mythology & Christianity