Understanding the stability and diversity of an ecosystem

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However, stability is not one, simple property of an ecosystem and there is no one, simple relationship between diversity and stability, say ecologists Tony Ives and Steve Carpenter of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Aug 22,  · However, stability is not one, simple property of an ecosystem and there is no one, simple relationship between diversity and stability, say ecologists Tony Ives and Steve Carpenter of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Understanding the relationship between diversity and stability requires a knowledge of how species interact with each other and how each is affected by the environment.

The relationship is also complex, because the concept of stability is multifaceted; different types of stability describing different properties of ecosystems lead to multiple diversity-stability relationships.

Stability and Diversity in Ecosystems

Drivers of ecosystem stability comprising the intervention component of the primary question were selected from terms suggested as important from key diversity–stability debate reviews [39, 41, 64] together with articles and suggestions from the stakeholder community.

Scientists speculated that the greater the diversity the understanding the stability and diversity of an ecosystem greater the stability Once you have an understanding of the method works Finding Simpsons Diversity Index for an ecosystem The stability of ecosystems Understanding their natural degree of stability might help us to understand Show what factors test the stability of an ecosystem.

Understanding the stability and diversity of an ecosystem
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